Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, the backdrop for the nation's struggle for equality, Kezia discovered the inherent power of music to aid in life's conflicts, and personally experienced that God is able to exchange "beauty for ashes".


Growing up, as a pastor's daughter, she cultivated her God-given gift as part of the worship services and special events in the church and community.  Her parents intentionally named her "Kezia" from the Bible (Job 42:14) which means "spicy".  They say it fits her because she exudes thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and joy.  Kezia's music is a fitting accent for the sweet seasoning needs of the soul.


As an educator, "Dr. K" as she is affectionately called by her students, passionately challenges and inspires teachers and students alike to use their sweet and savory diverse backgrounds and experiences to reach their highest potential and to help others do the same.


Now, as the wife of a U.S. Army Chaplain, extra "spice" has been added by her last name, "Curry".  Because of the unique life of a military family, Kezia's music, message, and mentoring spirit gives her many opportunities to use her talents to uplift and encourage hearts around the world.  Regardless of rank, race or religion, her music has something for everyone.



Kezia Music
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Kezia Music


Sep 28, 2018

7:00 PM

Sisters of Joy Conference

Jersey Shore, PA

Oct 07, 2018


"Color Me Love" Celebration Concert at Atlanta Bible Baptist Church

1419 Peachcrest Rd.

Decatur, GA 30032

Nov 03, 2018

8am - 3:30pm

Woman to Woman Conference at Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church,  Bellefontaine, OH

Woman to Woman is a one day conference for women to spiritually recharge. 



Dec 01, 2018


Georgia Missions Fundraising Concert

Atlanta, GA

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Musical Aromatherapy for the Soul

Everywhere we turn in life, we encounter brokenness that presents us with indescribable hurt and deep pain in our soul. Music is the universal language that speaks healing.The creative expression of music has been studied for many thousands of years and the results are incredible! Among many things, music can promote happy feelings, reduce pain, and increase learning abilities. Just by listening to music, stress is relieved, and if you want maximum benefits, get into the action and participate in making music! Simply put, music is powerful!


Combine the power of music with the potency of fragrant oils and...ahhhh! Essential oils are the very essence of the healing properties of medicinal plants and trees. Some of their superpowers include fighting infections, lifting mood, and improving sleep. Pure essential oils are distilled through a steam process which subtly directs us to the TRUTH that the intensity of the challenges of brokenness brings us to a place that only what is real remains. The lyrics of my music are rooted in the strength and love of God's Word. There is no greater power that can resurrect and renew broken things!


So, Listen to the music, Sing with the music, Play along with the music...Heal!!


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